Monday, December 16, 2019

The Importance of a Chili Pepper

The Importance of a Chili Pepper

Yesterday seen the biggest news for any Chili Peppers fans out there. The original guitarist, John Frusciante has rejoined the LA group in the past 24 hours. The unfortunate news accompanying this message was that Josh Kilnghoffer has decided to leave the band after a decade of making albums and touring. The Chili’s put an official statement onto social media yesterday and I couldn’t help feel there was a sense of a replacement in the band. If you’re wondering who all these people are let me explain.

John Frusciante:
In 1988 John Frusciante attended a Chili’s gig and became friendly with Flea. In the same year the previous guitarist, Hillel Slovak passed away from an overdose and Flea auditioned Frusciante for the part. Frusciante stayed with the band for only four years. However, in these short four years, Blood Sugar Sex Magik was made and became one of the most influential albums of the decade. Frusciante is the without a doubt one of the greatest musicians the world has to offer. With every truly talented individual comes some kind of fault and the only thing going against Frusciante is his dislike for the bands popularity. This would eventually be the reason he left the band in 92. It would take him six years to rejoin the band. John had a terrible time with addiction but after over coming it he was welcomed back into the band in 98 and recorded Californication in 99. Bare in mind they had released Hot Milk in the interim and it was heavily criticised at the time. John would then go on to record By The Way, basically what I’m trying to say is that every time he touches the band he leaves them with nothing but gold. Is it obvious I’m excited for whatever is coming from them in 2020?

Josh Kilnghoffer:
Josh came into the band at the end of the Stadium Arcadium tour in the late 00’s. Once Frusciante had left the band Kilnghoffer stepped in on the last two Chili’s albums, I’m With You and The Getaway. Two amazing albums in my opinion. I also seen them when they played the 3 Arena in 2017. Josh was playing at the time and he was truly a very talented guitarist and a strong ability to play the same sound notorious to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Another interesting anecdote regarding both Kilnghoffer and Frusciante is the fact they actually collaborated on an album together in 2004 called A Sphere in The Heart of Silence.
I am ecstatic to see that John is back with the band but can’t help feeling that Josh may have been pushed out so I will be awaiting another announcement or interview to see what happened. 

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